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Paranoia - How Do You Cope With It?

Discussion in 'General' started by madjon, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. madjon

    madjon Active Member

    ok, im not too bad with it most of the time but sometimes it sneaks up on you unaware and you can become a bit paranoid about things, sometimes about the simplest of things, sometimes about safety sometimes about a lot of things, so how do you deal with it?
    i try to take an objective view and try not to let it take a hold, but sometimes it does creep up on you, so how do people deal with it.
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  3. GR-ass

    GR-ass Well-Known Member

    I don't.
    Of all my symptoms, the paranoia hits me the worst. I get into an almost OCD state, put my room (and my mind into 'lockdown')

    If I can catch me being paranoid about others actions, I *try* rationalise how they are acting.

    Other then that hold on and hope I get through it without hurting anyone.

    Sorry that isn't very much help.
  4. Monarch

    Monarch I'm a VIP Premium Member

    that is a hard one, it is all about changing your thought process. Tell yourself it isn't necessary to be paranoid right now, they change what you are doing, or talk to someone on the phone about something else, just change your setting. That is all I have for that.
  5. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    Paranoi is something that comes with learning how to manage PTSD itself. Lets look at it this way, your mind tells you something, you then "choose" whether that thought is real or not, factual or fictional. Learning how to manage PTSD is about growing mentally, knowing what negative thinking styles are, knowing them so they are instinctual within your mind, so that when paranoi or any negative thinking style sneaks in, you know what it is, you analyse it immediately, you process the facts vs. fiction, you then take what is real and dismiss the fictional components from your mind knowing that they are false. Negative thinking styles must be instincitual within your mind, part of learning how to manage PTSD. Education is key, does that ring a bell from reading my posts?
  6. goingonhope

    goingonhope Member Premium Member

    madjon, I relate all to well. ...ditto!

    With me it's present when I've temporarily lost my ability to separate my past from my present. This usually happens when I'm under overwhelming stress from too many triggers surrounding me, and present, all at once in my life. Though the onslaught of my triggers are not as severe and fewer and farther between, then past yrs., life circumstances would still have it such that they're still readily present at times and still far to much for me, bc I haven't yet had the time to identify them all and to heal. I think due to the persistence and variety of a real-living nightmare which I've been witness to and experienced, I'm pretty well afflicted from all sides with triggers and unhealed traumas.

    Due to some of the popularity of the nature of some of this abuse and the banquet of trauma(s) I've endured, I doubt that there is any place on this earth I could hide from all my triggers.

    A state of mind where I'm triggered again and again, without having sufficient time to reflect on what just happened seems to invite my paranoia. So most definately since I'm now looking at my previously traumatic life-style, and one that I couldn't get away from, I'm re-experiencing onslaughts of paranoia. I say onslaughts bc they hit hard and fast and can usually pass quickly but not necessarily so.

    The nature of a large amount of my abuse was psych./emot./brainwashing so for me to simply read anthony's response to 9Lives in this thread [DLMURL]http://www.ptsdforum.org/thread4632.html[/DLMURL] , :

    ......frigtens me on a day like today, and I feel paranoid.

    What am I'm paranoid of as of late? Well, bc I have been willing and able to look at heaps of trauma, lately that I've invited this symptom of paranoia back into my life and have brought it out in the open, and now since I've done this, I am resigned to be considered untrustworthy. I promise you this is all my paranoia. Just by reading a simple post and all my memories of certain family members psych./emot./brainwashing abuse is recalled. I can recall hearing them in their drug induced, delusional and dissociative states, saying to me that:
    1- "none of this would be if not for you."
    2- "you deserve everything you get."
    3- ......and, having been 9, 10, 11 yrs. old being dragged, pinned and repeatedly punched in my head, with all that was said, -"you think that was something, that was nothing." "You have nothing to complain about you started all this." "You think anyone will believe you. You're a f'n liar and you have them all convinced, if only they knew the real you, like we know you then they'd see. When all I did was sit at our dinner table, speak to my mother and look at my step-dad, while he happened to be feeling both resentful and irritable toward his real daughter (just so happened she had the same name as me) and he'd think I was her, (FACT) call me by her knickname and antagonize, threaten, erupt, chase, corner and beat me.

    I'm willing to look at it all, when given the time to discuss it all, even where I wrapped my hands around my mother's throat in my 20's, and would've like to applied enough pressure to strangle her. I'm not holding back anything and I'm not typing a single fabricated word. And, that's the reason I ask, clarify and spend countless hrs. sifting and sorting through it all to make sure its real. That's just one of my own personal missions in this life, is to sweep away any and all delusions and to get down to the facts. Only in my case, some of the facts I fear are so outlandish that they (FOO) may have gotten me trapped, such that no one will ever believe me bc of my condition at times, so therefore why bother.

    Triggered....Triggered...Triggered...and Triggered. And, it's my responsibility to deal and cope with it all, bc honestly it all deeply rooted in my hundreds of fears, insecurities and my trauma(s). And, has nothing to do with anyone else.

    This is quite a bit to say, and most revealing of my fears, and paranoia. I hope someone can understand and/or relate to what I'm saying.

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