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Research Participants wanted for research study looking at childhood trauma and threat response

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My name is Dr Sam Matthews and I am carrying out a research study at the University of Reading looking at childhood adversity, personality and threat response. The study is online (must be done on a laptop) and takes 20 minutes and involves a couple of questionnaires and a reaction time game.

There is more detailed information and my contact details at the start should anyone have any questions. Link for the study --> Study Link

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Hi @Readingresearch - I've posted your request on the boards in the appropriate sub-forum.

For anyone who is interested - The link will take you to a page saying "Start" - if you click through to the next page, you'll find an informed consent form with all the appropriate approvals & contact information for researchers.

And if you have questions you'd rather ask @Readingresearch via this thread, please feel free to do so.
Not open for further replies.