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Partner in Hospital With PTSD

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by YummyMummy, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. YummyMummy

    YummyMummy New Member

    Hi there.
    I'm new to this forum, but not new to forums in general. My partner has recently been diagnosed with "severe PTSD" as a result of his time in the military when he was younger. It crept up on him (in some ways) when he was in hospital for another completely unrelated incident, and (how he tells it) he was sitting on his backside too long and it all finally caught up with him. :crybaby:
    He has told me a few times of late that now's the time for me to bail if I want, as he is considerably older than me and he doesn't want me getting "dragged down" in his problems. I however want to stay for the long haul, understand this new scenario as best as I can and see what happens from there. Hence me looking for somewhere like this!
    I am completely in the dark when it comes to how it is initially handled once someone is admitted to hospital, so would like some clarity there, and also I'm curious to know how drastically PTSD has affected other people in their day to day lives once the initial bumps are sorted out.
    I look forward to understanding my man better and hope you guys will be able to help me in my quest!
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  3. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    YummyMummy... interesting choice of names. Welcome aboard and glad you joined us. I am really impressed that your morals are more than just, bail out the going's about to get hard. Says a lot about a person immediately. All good that is, obviously.

    Let me just say, your in for one hell of a ride, and those bumps you call, they are more like mountains, and you are in for a very rough ride, depending on the nature of your hubby. Everyone responds differently to PTSD. If a person is a very placid type of person, then they may just cry a lot, get very emotional, though still suffer the symptoms. If a person is quite assertive or agressive, then aggression can come through as the prominent aspect initially, which obviously must be controlled quickly. Anxiety, depression and agoraphobia are often the key players, though many more facets do exist in the long list of actual symptoms that makeup PTSD itself.

    I think you will find great support here though, as we have many spouses here now guiding and supporting one another.
  4. cookie

    cookie I'm a VIP

    welcome, ym, read, read , read.
  5. YummyMummy

    YummyMummy New Member

    Hi guys and thanks for the initial responses. I haven't been able to see him much at all lately - he won't let me see him while he's "like this", so I've in some ways been fortunate that I haven't seen a lot of his symptoms. He did say yesterday that he's been paranoid, "shitface", depressed and very sleepy...... And on the rare occasion he has felt suicidal. He also told me that the drugs he is on for now (unsure if they're for another medical condition he's currently being treated for) have made him pretty much sleep for most of this week.
    We're expecting that he'll be out of town for about 6 months at this stage - is this a realistic timeframe to expect him to be getting treatment initially? He confirmed also yesterday that his diagnosis is severe PTSD.
    Part of me is really worried that the suicidal part may be overlooked, even though he said the staff are very switched on and keeping a close eye on him. He sounded OK yesterday when we talked, but I don't know how much he's really telling the staff at this stage. All I can do is sit back and trust them I guess.
    A bit of quick clarification - he calls me YummyMummy, and he's also interstate at the moment - was there for some serious surgery, "sat on his behind for too long" according to him, and then all this surfaced. He's been gone for coming up 3 months so far. I can't go down there to join him as I have 3 kids, only 2 of whom are school age. So they need me here at home and not interstate. His kids don't even know the situation either for now - he doesn't want to put too much stress or pressure on them. So that's a bit about me and where I'm at. BTW - are there any boards that I should go and read first, aside from the first one that is all about PTSD?
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