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Relationship Partner is keeping me on the outside, surrounding herself with the people who have treated her like sh**. I can speculate why, I'm just struggling now

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My girlfriend/best friend/insert vague label here has been really struggling on a daily basis, and has cut me off from day to day, in person contact. We text every day, she doesn't understand why she's doing this or feeling (not feeling much tbh) like this is what she needs to do, and I'm reading all I can to gain insight from similar situations, but it's hard to know she's spending time with people who abused her, betrayed her, hurt her, and basically treat her like shit, and always want something from her. Ugh. I was at peace with the distance yesterday, tonight I'm just blehhhhhhh
You can’t make sense out of something that’s nonsensical. You’ll make yourself crazy trying.

Sometimes we just have have to accept that our partners do things because they’re not well. We can’t fix it, so if we want to be with them we have to just let it go and ride things out.

Hopefully she doesn’t get hurt even more in the process. It suuuuuuuuuuucks watching helplessly while your loved one is being self destructive.

You’re allowed bad nights too.
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Thank you, I've really made peace with what's happening (as much as one can, I imagine), but tonight has just been an "in my head" kinda night. Funny though, since I posted that we texted briefly and she suggested we hang out tomorrow or the next day. The limitations of socializing because of this stupid virus crap doesn't help, I've taken to jigsaw puzzles to pass time when I'm not working or sleeping lol.
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