Parts and therapy?


Hi , there are a few posts regarding dissociation and ‘parts’ work but i cant seem to find anything that answers my question or concerns.
My therapist knows about and recognises my part (its an angry part so i will call her angry missy ) . Angry missy has showed herself in session once - my T wants to work with angry missy ( shes approx 11/13 years old) and has offered to talk to her and listen
to her with some agreed boundaries ie it doesn't traumatise me. I joke with my T that sometimes there are 2 of us at session but when i try to talk or relay what angry missy wants angry missy wont let me speak … my throat just clams up almost like i cant swallow.
I want to work with her and to let her talk but im so afraid of her taking over and me being lost , not being able to come back. I trust my T to look after me, however we have sessions via the internet and are not physically in the same room.
Has anyone done similar work ? did you have the same concerns? How did you overcome these ? How do your parts communicate with your T and in session? Thank you for listening and any feedback, ideas, comments, insight are welcome .


I'm sorry you are struggling with this. I have DID and a couple of very angry insiders/parts. I likely would not work with them in this way virtually, but that's just me. I have very good communication with many of my insiders, but the angry ones are the hardest. They tend to be stronger and a bit more stubborn, and unless I had someone around who could make sure I was present again, I wouldn't want to do it.


I struggle with this as well. As this all is somewhat new to me I have to say that I was worried about the very same things. I really trusted my therapist so it took a while but it happened. I have to say though that it felt safer -and still does- when in person.

It feels much less safe to attempt or allow this in a remote setting.

Sending love 💜.