DID Parts we can’t seem to reach


Having a problem with an insider that we call walking guy. Been working with my psychologist on opening up communication to him through a variety of ways. Saying it internally is not getting any response. What the problem is, is this walking guy is going out in a manner that is getting us picked up by the police as a safety concern call. No coat, frigid weather, walking on or near the hiway. The psychologist in session has tried to find out where they are going. He will ask parts to step back see if he talk talk to the part. The most he has shared is that the person is processing a trauma. More recently he has suggested we leave a coat by the door and maybe teach him a new task as in to tout the coat on to go out. This makes me feel frustrated as I’ve never heard from the part or interacted in any way. The psychologist feels that the part hears me and to keep talking inside sending messages of, we are safe now not in the compound, everyone got out. He emailed a suggestion today to put a card in our pocket to give to police that says if this person is found in an unsafe place they are suffering from a condition called D.I.D. And need help getting home and said the treating psychologist is.. somehow this scares me or upsets me to need to carry such a thing around. I don’t really understand my thoughts around it. I just feel blocked by walking guy. i think there is an interaction in session with the psychologist, but when I get released back I’m pretty disoriented and unable to cope for many days afterwards. We’ve done a lot of work. This situation has by far been the most challenging but the psychologist is saying that it’s things that have never been dealt with before.
Is it upsetting all of you or parts of you? Is there a parent or adult part who understands that this suggestion is in your best interest and the part who is scared/upset can make the best of it, work on coping, etc.?
It feels like a for and against, push, pull causing the upset fear. Parts saying they do not want that known.
This is where the adult or parent part steps in, if possible, because they know what the consequences are and the child parts who want to hide or the protector parts who want to confuse are short-sighted. Do you trust your T?
Yes. We’ve worked together for some years. We are in a time of system chaos. Whoever is walking out on us isn’t in the system in a way where there is communication. The card is written though even though it’s got scary thoughts towards in.
That all sounds super scary, frustrating and confusing. I wonder if maybe just doing some "guessing" about what walking part might need might help. This is after all what we do with small children or silent teenagers. Guessing at some feelings and needs and suggesting some supports to try on. If walking guy is out in the cold a lot, I wonder whether they might be trying to also say how alone and deeply cold and confused they feel with the pain they are holding.