Other Person looks different

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What is the name of the this disorder?
A person whom you know well/very close suddenly appears totally different in terms of face & physical appearance like a complete stranger, only for you while others don't find any difference. Just like someone else replaced this person's place but continuing the same characteristics and emotional bond.


There are a number of things that can cause that. The 2 most common I know of being certain types of TBI & psychosis.

I’ve had the TBI version, although mine was short lived. It was caused by a disruption in the optic nerve to visual cortex. As long as I closed my eyes, I was fine. The person sounded the same, acted the same, was very recognizably themselves. When I opened my eyes they were completely unrecognizable in any/all ways.


What they both said...

Some forms of dissociative disorders can do it (or on some days), psychosis can do it, TBI can do it, any combination of the three alike.

I'd also consider getting checked for seizures, as IME some seizure aura can manifest that way, and recognition return just fine once the thing's over.

And if you meant concretes, Capgras syndrome is known for that perception (close people are strangers / were replaced).
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