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Pets & Nightmares

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Like most of you in this section of the forum I have nightmares every night. Before my daughter left for college she gave me a kitten because she didn't want me to be alone. She (the cat) isn't even a year old and I so enjoy her company. I have noticed lately that when I wake from a nightmare she is sitting right there. Sometimes with her small paw on my cheek or both paws in my hair. The other night she jumped on me and woke me from a nightmare. I wondered if anyone else has a "caretaker" pet that is watchful and concerned about you at night.
Yes, whenever I'm really upset my cat (cocoa) comes and sits with me. At night if I wake up from a bad dream I'll find her sitting next to me on the bed. It's like animals have this 6th. sense or something.

She also does that with my 7 y/o daughter too. Whenever Nicole is upset she comes flying into the room to make sure she's okay. You'd think she'd go running in the opposite direction because my daughter is usally hollering at the top of her lungs but it's as if Cocoa knows that she's hurt.

Animals are amazing!
My Elsa is a 3 year old grey spotted tabby/lavender point Siamese mix. She stays next to me or nearby on a bedside table while I sleep. If I stir from a bad dream, she hurries to my side and pushes my hand til I pet her... distracting me enough to be able to go back to sleep. She's only been doing this for about the past 3 months, but it's been a comfort and I think she knows it.

During the day it is her sister Grace who stays near by and moves around the house with me.

If Jesse (the german shorthair beagle mix) is in, she is at my feet. She is right now.
Rusty (small).jpg

I couldn't live without my cat Rusty, who is extremely cuddly. She is always at my side when I wake up. Although I suffer through the nightmares, she is there to comfort me.
I have two great cats, Bernie and Lucy. Bernie likes to sit on the corner of the bed or at the doorway like a guardian cat while we sleep, while Lucy lays on me for awhile to snuggle me in. She then comes back if she hears me stir to check on me.

What is sad is that I used to have a Siamese flamepoint named Bruce who was a great big fella of a cat. He would sleep every single night like a log on my leg... it was so reassuring for me to know he was there. It was a great way for me to remember I wasn't a child in bed. He's been gone a couple years now... even posting this makes me cry thinking about him. He was such a great cat.
My sleep caretakers are an 8 year old 90 lb rhodesian ridgeback and a 1 year old beagle mix. I woke up last night during an emotion dream and mine were sleeping one on either side of me. During the worst dreams when I think wake up scared I know if the dogs are still laying by me it was just a dream...and feel safe that they will protect me and warn me of danger as they have many times before. I love dogs...they are my personal gaurdian angels.
Mine sleeps in her cage at night and when I go out. She wouldn't stop chewing things during the night when I was sleeping. The last thing she found to chew up was a package of X-acto knife blades. And believe it or not, she didn't hurt herself at all on them.
I think my cat is clueless when it comes to my emotional state. I often seek her out for love and distraction with mixed results. I know she loves me but I'm not sure cats are the most empathetic creatures.
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