Photography Club




Love that photo @Kittie!!! You are living my dream of being in such a beautiful place.
If you find yourself in this area, I'm sure you'll find yourself taking lots of pictures! I like to get lost, where the tourists don't bother to venture into. That's where I don't feel shy or inhibited and feel like my old self. There was a time I never thought I'd be able to do much, I guess I'm making up for it!

Tornadic Thoughts

I love this space. So grateful for the visuals and thoughts shared here. 💛 I hope you don't ever feel like you aren't a valuable being in this existence, because you are.

Grateful for the accessible, doable, nourishing, thriving, and tasty growth up in here - as well as the ongoing reminders that with all growth comes endless effort and a helluva lot of growing pains. Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark! 😐

I find, repeatedly, that the difference seems to lie in genuinely loving "it", usually. Loving the greenage makes it much more pleasurable to figure out how to grow it, and nurturing it, and feeding it, and weeding it, and harvesting it, and cleaning it, and cooking it, rinse and repeat, etc.. Been a greenage lover of many varieties from way back. lol 😍 Some new herb babies in da house:


Purposely grown dandelion greens in a pot that keep coming back much longer than I anticipated in this weirdly warm weather:


More pretty little red rock cabbage micros - they are sooooo delish, and so damn cute and colorful - the camera doesn't do them justice:


The ever growing seed collection that will hopefully provide more garden goodies when the time is right to plant them:


My first attempt at planting and establishing a handful of garlic plants seems to be working out so far (knock on wood until Spring time):