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Photography Club

I decided to walk right along the water and I hit the jackpot. My eldest girl said there was more seaglass down there and I said I didn’t think so. I got so many I couldn’t get them in my pockets and keep walking, I felt pressured lol! Then I found 2 at once right at the end and I dropped my phone it the mud. I grabbed at it and dropped it again!

No damage thank goodness? I almost wish I’d bricked it, I’m paying insurance on it and I could have gotten a new phone? Still, I did that a few years back and losing all your stuff is no fun.

Down the park again. Was blissful. Watched a family of coots with their tiny little babies. Saw 3 large yellow legged gulls swooping around then gathering at a mound in the lake. A gaggle of starlings taking a bath and the usual suspects too.

Couple nice pics though not of gulls or coot babies as my phone camera not up to zooming much.



Spoltight's on you!


Slice of heaven

The wind was so severe yesterday where I walk. I'd say i was 25 mph steady and gusting much higher. It was difficult to stand back to it and leaning into it. It was almost enough to actually push me a few steps but I held with effort. This makes for 2 different walks going north or south. Going north into it was quite strenuous and you couldn't even pretend it was anything like normal walking. Going with it i felt half my weight. Like I could fly almost.

I was surprised how tired I was later, that was a real workout. 5 mi.
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