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Photography Club

Somewhat poignantly, today we chose to walk a new path, unsure how long it was, or where it would lead.

Ironically, it turned out to be a long circuit, and we ended up right back where we started.
That turtle pull ups pic is priceless, @shatter eyes . ?

Nice path ya' found, @Sideways . I had to giggle a little at the irony and the frequency in which we seem to find those kind. At least the scenery is (can be) nice, ay? ?

Spotted my first black snake buddy this evening when going out to harvest more greenage. He was about 4 feet long...


Fresh picked collards, kale, and spinach...from the 'hood, on the hood, hardee har har....


A free wild weed edible named wood sorrel (oxalis) that grows rather abundantly in our yard and, to me, has a lemony-like twang to it....here's some more detailed info about it:

Wood Sorrel | Foraging for Wild Edibles


All washed, spun dry, and ready to use, with a few thinned carrot greens and a big bowl of radishes added to the mix, minus the still soaking wood sorrel...

May the rain subside for a while in the TX 'hood, @ladee . Doin' a sun dance for y'all. ?

Awwwww - goose babies!!! What a sweet and beautiful space to enjoy spending time in, @Teasel . ?

Dining companions (a blue jay and a common grackle) at our local seed to beak bird cafe' today - I still can't get over those eyes on the grackle - so lovely yet so intense:


Later on, the blue bird fam flew in to scope out some grubbage for the more-than-ready-to-munch fledgling:

Spotted my first black snake buddy this evening when going out to harvest more greenage. He was about 4 feet long...
amazing shot getting low to ground. Its a cutey ☺

This thread always makes me smile, thanks everyone.
I feel the same. Everytime I come here the photographs welcomes me and teaches me how much more of life is out there beyond my room. Thanks @bellbird for starting this thread.

I walked few more blocks today and saw the Bee Bear I saw months ago in the thrift store window.
It is cheerful. Imagine a world where humans all carried a smile like Bee Bear? The eyes of Bee Bear is positioned to me is very sincere. Dream on Bee Bear, Bear Bee, you can bee whatever you wish to bee.
@shatter eyes you absolutely make my day seeing your pet and giving us a huge bright spot to look forward to. Thank you, because my heart needs something like this adventurous guy or girl, to distract in a healthy and fun-filled way. My heart needs a respite from grief. And this does it every time. Thank You!!!

Thank you for sharing how you feel. I am glad the girls can make your day with each if their own personalities. I am very thankful for them as they been with me for many years. Years before the trauma. Your words will help keep me going to capture joyful moments where I am in the moment.