Physical Anxiety/Depression Symptoms


How do you tell if you’re genuinely getting or are sick or if it’s just anxiety/depression/whatever else manifesting physically?

I’m feeling like I ran a few marathons and everything just hurts but regular medication isn’t working and I don’t know how to get rid of this feeling. Every muscle is sore and I’ve got a headache from hell. But like I said, regular meds you’d take for a flu or cold aren’t working. So would that mean this is coming from my brain? How do I fix it?


I sometimes have a difficult time determining between emotional vs sickness symptoms. I'm sorry that I don't have advice for how to sort out the root cause. I think that your body might be telling you that you need to rest and take care of yourself right now. I hope that you feel better soon.


Usually my stomach is the difference. If its tension/anxiety I feel nauseous after I eat.

I hate flu's. 90% chance I end up in Emerge when my systolic blood pressure drops into the low 90's for a fill up of saline and a shock dose of hydro-cortisone.


So would that mean this is coming from my brain? How do I fix it?

Other times it means you’re sicker than over the counter meds can make a dent in.

Speaking as someone who blew off being sick-sick as being stress-sick & ended up in the ICU for 12 days, and the next several months hooked up to oxygen?

If OTC meds aren’t cutting it
1. Make an appointment with your GP & let a doc tell you you’re fine
2. Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic = Get tested for Covid.

If you haven’t done the second before your appt your doc will probably just refer you to a testing center, anyway (unless their office does testing, most of the ones here do not).