Physical reactions after emdr


I tried emdr and during it my down there was throbbing similar to after a flashback I had of being pinned to a bed but more subtle. Ever since the flashback I've had my down there throb randomly quite a lot I don't know why this keeps happening in general and during emdr. I can't ask a therapist cause I was doing it on my own.


i haven't done EMDR, but i have experienced this phenom often on my recovery road. the name i like for ^it^ is, "body memories." when it occurs, i ply channeling and/or grounding tools. in my own case, i typically have an undertow of repressed emotions which ride the wave of body memories.


EMDR can throw you for a loop. Or a lot of loops. It's like all the flotsam and jetsam comes popping out, and never where you expect or what you expect. But yeah, physical reactions are all over the place.

Symptoms are not just limited to ladies. There have been points where I have the same problem as teen boys after an unsuccessful date and it's really weird when you are closer to 60 than 50.

That's not all the physical stuff either, there's way more, as physical symptoms disappear you sit there going PTSD was doing that?



I've been doing EMDR for 6 months now and I am flabbergasted by the ammount of yucky stuff that I've repressed during almost 4 decades...

Flashbacks, nightmares, freezing, flighting, fighting and the one I dislike the most... fawning.

When I go to sleep I get these shocks in my body as if I get an electrical shock. Usually on my chest.

I wanted to stop because of all the molesting and getting raped image and bodily feelings I experience since doing EMDR about abuse in every form.

While it is f*cking hard and exhausting, I am continuing with EMDR, because with the horrible flashbacks and 'the body keeps score' memories, also good memories are coming back.

Recently I get tears in my eyes on a daily basis and this is a good thing.

I am embracing my healing Journey and I am confident that I will learn to live with my CPTSD and PTSD.

I wish you all the best.