Physically Unable To Continue Speaking

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It is a while since you first wrote about this Kimba. How did it go, eventually?
I can easily imagine past pictures, emotion, pain etc freezing speech. My feeling with those who have related experiencing this in a session is it says things are moving a bit too quickly (for this person concerning this event). Writing things down may help but I don't feel there is always a need to relate what is seen. If one is recounting an experience (or dream) the therapist could say tell me the parts that you want to tell me and not the parts you don't or can't. Just observe them and move through. It may become easier to relate later when other parts have been shared. Of course, filling in the words would be ludicrous; the T cannot see what the client is seeing.

Shaking a person, getting angry, filling in the words etc highlights problems in the other person's life and has nothing to do with the person who, for the moment, cannot continue.
I have problems speaking. Sometimes I just write emails and avoid using the telephone altogether. It becomes difficult because I always fall back on emailing or text messaging...instead of using the telephone, that people usually notice. I don't think it is good for my mind processing. It's like another part of my brain is being used when I write instead of talk, and the part that is needed to talk is so underdeveloped.

Sometimes when I do talk it comes out like bricks. Especially when I am feeling vulnerable and triggered. It just feels like the connections aren't being made in my brain and so I can't figure out what words to use. I usually just avoid talking except with my close friends or therapist. But even then I can get triggered.

Being in a foreign country and having to speak a foreign language doesn't help either. But therapy did help me with this. I did feel like my communication skills got better after a couple years of therapy. But now my P'TSD has flared up so it sometimes feels like I have reverted to the passive and shy girl I used to be.
Hello Nadia, you mentioned that you can talk with close friends and with your therapist. Perhaps the borders of your comfort zone will extend outwards as you become more comfortable. Perhaps the more you can trust the more your ability to communicate with speaking will be enhanced. This might depend in some degree on the progress of your therapy. Sounds like you are in good hands in terms of comfort and trust. I hope therapy is also making things better for you over time. I wish you well : o )
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