Pilates, yoga, swimming, singing for PTSD


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Hi, I wanted to say to anyone who is feeling extremely overwhelmed by the stress that I have found a program that my psychologist set up for me very helpful to slightly reduce the feeling of overwhelm and get more into the present within literally a couple/three weeks, at least for me. So I thought it was right for me to share this, though I haven't completely recovered and haven't processed the trauma yet. I know how horrible PTSD. I have severe, chronic PTSD. I feel I have crossed a little milestone, though I can't say these tips will completely eliminate ptsd.::

1. Stretching every morning
2. Every other day pilates: I did Dead Link Removed workouts on youtube
3. Swimming. Go at the Sea/Ocean/Pool swimming for 4 times (or more, how you prefer) in the span of two weeks.
4. Singing: do some karaoke.
5. Yoga: try some yoga if you want, if you get tired of the other activities.

Well, with this little program, after a small span of time I found myself BREATHING better. The breathing eliminated a lot of my overwhelm, to the point I was FEELING PRESENT, almost like I normally would. I still feel numb/not like myself, but the level of DANGER and CONFUSION LESSENS. By exercising my breathing, my mind naturally slowed down a bit and SOME FOGG FADED. CALM THE BODY to CALM the MIND. that's what I am taking away from this. I have read a lot of positive info about exercise and a lot about the benefits of yoga for people with PTSD. Especially Doctor Bessel Van Derkolk ( I believe that's the spelling) writes about it, if you want look him up. At first I was a huge skeptic about these "calming the body to calm the brain" approaches, I thought it might be B.S.. But for now this has worked better than Xanax and other several drugs I take.

I hope you have a nice day and remember... you WILL recover :)


I agree @SecondStar. Have done all those things. I used to sing, actually, even professionally. It helped me recover A LOT, and I learnt to breath properly from that and yoga, too.

I mainly do a lot of yoga now, because of where I live and not having the space to do the other things, without drawing attention, singing gets me unwanted attention from neighbors, even though they've complimented me, some of them, I don't want the attention.

You are on the right track. I've managed to avoid all those drugs that are actually really heavy and a strain on the body and can be very harmful by doing lots and lots of singing and yoga and some pilates and swimming.

Writing is good too. Trauma journal, here, is helping me, these days And I've started drawing and some painting.

What I'd like to do more, is more meditation, now.

Oh and I used to dance, a lot. That helped a lot too.
Yeah THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE is a bit of a definitive guide to what's going on with trauma, in the body. I have a copy, but, havent finished it yet.


Singing is great for the soul...and anxiety. I sing while I do dishes....I hate dishes....cleaning is frustrating.....singing helps me relax and I don't get nearly as frustrated when I sing and clean. I can't do swimming or water aerobics right now, but I kayak 3-4 times a week and that is a huge help...something rowing in nature that is calming and anxiety reducing.....I bought a mini trampoline for lower body work at home, and I bounce to some favorite energetic tunes-a different kind of exercise. Walking alone bores me, but with headphones and music....helps me keep pace. I'm going to build a fire pit in the back yard....going to see if digging and music will make the task any less daunting.