please, help, kind of freaking out

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so I posted earlier today about how i can't interact with people rite now due to extreme anxiety (except for on here for some reason). well I just noticed my small dog with digestive issues ate like 3 chocolate chip cookies, not sure when, and i'm worried i need to call a vet or go to a vet cuz chocolate but i have no way to get to a vet and i'm too damn anxious to use my phone, or even take it out of the droor. and idk if i could even get myself to go to the vet if i had a way to get there, cuz anxiety. it's kinda late where I am so there's no one around to take him for me, and if there was, I wouldn't be able to contact anyone cuz like theres something madly wrong with me. idk how much chocolate was in the cookies but it was semi-sweet chocolate chips which i know are like mid-range toxic to dogs (depending on the amount, of course.) He seems fine rite now but google freaked me out. I'm worried if I go to sleep I'll miss some signs of him getting sick and he'll be like dead or in really bad shape when I wake up. I definitely need to go to the psych ward, or at least get my mom to take care of my dog until I'm feeling better. God forbid something happens to him because his ma's mental. This shit with my head is getting ridiculous.


Okay, I looked this up. It says knowing how much and what kind you and your vet can determine if it's an emergency or not.

If you suspect that your dog has eaten chocolate, contact your vet immediately.

Or call the Pet Poison hotline.

Signs of chocolate poisoning are: (occurs 6-12 hours later and up to 72 hours.)

Vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, increased urination, tremors, elevated or rapid heartbeat, seizures, collapse and death.

Thinking positive thoughts for both of you.
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