please help - unsure how to use non-gendered pronouns


I have a client whose pronouns are they/their. I have never wrote emails to a non-binary individual. I am so confused how to go about this.
My biggest hesitance is this.

When I say you - should that be they?
for example.
I want to say the following things:

I just sent you an email containing etc etc

We will meet on dot dot

Thank you for reaching out.

If we decide dot dot...

When is they/their is used? instead of "you" or if I am referring to their absence. I googled and the results are not clear.

I think my ultimate question is is they/their replacing you/your?

I am having hard time saying I sent email to they (meaning you) ...I can get it but I am not sure. I am so confused.

Thank you so much.


You can use "you" as that is a non gendered term.

The things you want to write in the email are fine.
(In my opinion...which is not someone who is non binary or trans, but is lesbian and usually writes in non gendered ways anyways)

They/them is just to replace she/her or he/him rather than you.

E.g. I wanted to phone her. Replaced with: I wanted to phone them.