Please share a positive improvement from reading post here or sharing on this board.


what has been invaluable is a sense of integration. that comes from being able to speak with people who do not view my experiences as... (i'm trying to find an adjective. but i'm going about this wrong.) that people here probably do view my experiences as insane and abnormal. but they don't view me as insane and abnormal.

the feelings of alienation that plagued me for my whole life are eased here. and because of the nature of this space it has facilitated my ability to speak honestly about my life. although that is still quite challenging for me. i have named some pretty f*cking drastic things. and no one here has rejected me. or told me to leave. or to stop talking.

people here are for the most part kind. the moderation team is very effective at keeping this place safe. and the more that you do it. the easier it gets. it's basic cbt. when you first try to name things it feels literally impossible. and you might spiral out for a while. but then you just do it again and again. being unable to fully name these things in real life.

it made this place for me in particular very helpful. and i would argue somewhat necessary.


really positive improvement from using this site?
I have an anniversary of a really awful medical call where people were doing something where I do the same thing a lot, and I had such a messy memory of the whole thing that I even had the date wrong and for many years I was prepared for awful memories on the wrong day. Talking to people here that have similar stories and memories made me think through the whole thing when I wrote about it, and that got me able to do some research on the survivors (minors, they were not named anywhere) without falling into despair and loathing, and that has lead me to a kind of closure.
I happened, same things have happened to others. I did my best. lots of us have. It wasn't enough, that happens too.
It wasn't enough to just have the memeory pop up and then try to avoid it. It is much better to have the memory pop up and have all of the support and the knowledge I am not alone come along with it. I can describe in detail what I could only see as a huge wave of despair coming at me. Like first there was a focus, and then I got lots of help disecting what was just a wall of sadness and confusion, and self loathing- I couoldn't fix it then , I cant fix it now, it will be broken forever, thats on me.
People here got me way past that and if for no other ereason, I am glad to have this place.