Research Please try out a newly developed online intervention - chance to win an Amazon voucher


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Hi everyone

With a group of psychologists we developed a free online session targeted to help survivors' mental well-being. Since we are continuously learning and trying to improve how we can help you, we are currently searching for volunteers to test out this new session.

By participating you can be entered into a raffle for 3 20€ Amazon vouchers.

Please follow this link:
Thank you in advance!
I wish you all the best

Department of Psychology
University of Groningen
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Okay… so I apparently read waaaaaay faster than whatever target group set your clock at for the times portions.


Nope. Not sitting around waiting for over 4 minutes staring at a screen I read in less than a minute. I DID wait for 3 minutes. Increasingly vexed, stressed, irritated. If that’s at all helpful for you.
I just did this, and it was irritating. The timer thing was too long. I completed the whole thing, and ended up just scrolling on my phone while I waited to be able to go to the next screen.