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Other PMS/menstruation and PTSD

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Absolutely yes. I was told it was PMDD which is essentially just a hormonal and shitty time being made worse cause my brains got PTSD. And it’s freaking miserable. Hormonal birth control and Zoloft have helped take the edge off but it still exists.
I'm sorry to hear that.. What PTSD symptoms do you experience getting worse if I may ask?
Perhaps, it is the over full cup theory. The ptsd cup explanation, by Anthony The more stress you have the more likely your symptoms will flare. So in theory, treating ptsd symptoms will lessen the odds that pms will make those symptoms worse.
That being said, there is a condition that makes pms much worse. Since you have ptsd, it might be worth focusing on treatment first. Then see how pms affects you after you feel you've made some progress.
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I’m wondering because I think there might be a pattern between my symptoms and PMS; does anyone experience worse PTSD symptoms when your period is about to start?
Absolutely! I've been given the diagnosis of PMDD but I can't take zoloft or bc pills so.

For me the problem is generally rapid mood shifts and irritability which is part of my PTSD & Bipolar II. (At the same time, it's almost like someone could observe me and be like "she's on the rag" or whatever awful thing.)

So I'm already going on cycles with the Bipolarbut these hormonal cycles are more intense, start just 3 or maybe as many as 5 days ahead of time - and there's not much to do about it except things like apologize in advance to family/others around me.

If you have suggestions other than bc pills or zoloft, I would love to hear them! I'm sorry you guys suffer from this too.
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