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Podcasts anyone?


I'm increasingly getting into these, and audiobooks too.

I suppose I should change the title but no, I think I'm wondering if others enjoy a podcast? And looking for suggestions on ones you've all liked?

Go to bed with a podcast now I do, the decade of needing TV to sleep is coming to am end (quickly touches wood)

So far I really love Jon Ronson
Thought I'd bump see if anyone else is into podcasts.

Some I enjoy

On Google podcasts ~
▪︎The Adam Buxton Podcast, he's a comedian, has a chat with a different guest each week. Interesting n amusing.

▪︎The Psychology Podcast, there's loads of em, lots of topics.

▪︎Making Sense with Sam Harris

Interested in hearing about any podcasts anyone follows or other apps / places to get em from ta muchly
▪︎Making Sense with Sam Harris
This sounds great! Will defiantly look into it.

In terms of psychology, I've defiantly found "Safe Not Stuck" (naff title but) about the polyvagal theory really interesting.

Also love 'The TLS Podcast' and 'Page 94,' Private Eye's podcast. Also 'The Anthropocene Reviewed' is good!
I listen to quite a few T, love the thread. I listen to quite a few comedians and mental health.

Wicked thanks all,
Safe Not Stuck
After searching around i reckon you mean safe not broken? Looking forward to trying this one out. Despite looking up polyvagal theory several times I've still not really understood it. Hopefully this will help it sink in. :)