Poetry with the barefootpoet - one word, and you riff on that!

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Hello humans! Here is where we can spread our poetic wings. There is no judgement here.
I have done this on stage - many times.
Here is the challenge:
I am going to write down 1- one - word.
You will write any length poem - using this word, begin it with and/or weave through your poem! It's fun! It can be one line. Or 20 ....
So here goes, you rappers, cool cats, finger snappin', diggin on that groove thang that makes the whole world swing:
First word - (TexCat - ready?) --

The Albatross

Sky the great teacher if one takes time to learn from it.
Sky like the mind so subject to the subtle and unseen forces.
Only slower...much slower
than the rapid fire connections and reactions of the human mind.
Mind's "I" is my being-hood's sky.
Thoughts, emotions and attitudes are my weather.
Clear blue days are my preference,
but rainbows my reminder of hope post storm.
Sky is benevolent and so should I be.
As the weather changes, so do things for me.

New word: star


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My gosh, Albatross.... this thread is starting to knock my socks off. Your poem - touches me personally as I relate to the sky, just as you do. That was beautiful - the way you wove the mind/sky together - you made your point poetically with so much truth. Poetry has far less filters, fewer words, which makes it eloquent. Thank you for sharing. Remarkable.
~TheBarefootpoet~ aka bfp. :)

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The first thing I see when I look up at night
The first thing I see shining so bright
Your smile I see, the proud in your face,
What changed up there to make me a disgrace?

Up so high I cannot reach to stop your glare tonight.
Still I lay facing you given up the fight.
The last thing I see when I look up at night
The last thing I see when I'm tucked in tight.

New word. Dream
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