Polyvagal theory


Am trying to learn about this, interested to know what you all think?

Do you think it helps with any particular symptoms of PTSD?

Also if anyone has any good links to info / books on it that would be great.


The Body Keeps the Score by Van de Kirk talks alot about this and how it ties into ptsd. I think Waking the Tiger does too but I havent read that one


Thanks both, have watched an interview with Stephen Porges, and found it helpful. And have see that one with Seth and found it helpful too.

Considering a book by Stephen Porges but most reviews say its very academic.


I’ve found it helpful in dealing with other
people, I had a situation where someone I had just met was triggered (I think it was a flashback situation as we spoke a little about it afterwards) and I focused on using the idea’s of getting someone from “fight and flight” to “safe and social” by talking in a calm voice, using eye contact in a safe way. I think if I hadn’t recently been reading about it I really would have been at a loss to know what to do in that situation.

I think I find it more difficult to apply to myself (as with most things I think it’s easier to read interpersonal relationships). But, the idea of moving up through the states and how you can do that is I think quite helpful, even if it’s very reminiscent of self care/other ideas you’ve probably heard before.