Poor sleep, Nightmares and Insomnia


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Having continued bad nightmares from being attacked. Also bad insomnia sometimes up well over 48 hours. I work night shift so when I can sleep changes based on work (I am a manager so sometimes work all night and then attend meetings during the day). Have been taking Prazosin (helps my BP but does not seem to be stopping the nightmares.) I don't want to add a sleeping med as I feel like it would make the nightmares worse (some are sleep paralysis ones). My therapist finally got me to tell her my worst one... that didn't help still having it. And I was a hot mess for three days after saying it out loud to her. Anyone going through similar that has some ideas of what could help? My physical healing from the attacks is slower from so little sleep and it makes all my other PTSD symptoms worse from no sleep. Also makes my quality of life which is already crappy even worse. Sorry to be whiny but really want to be able to sleep more.


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All I can add is that have had nightmares ALL of my life. I will wake up completely freaked out, because most of my nightmares are of me lost and trying to find my way home? And noone will help. I figure it has something to do with abandonment? Just wanted you to know your not alone. I rarely sleep for more than 2 hours or less.


It's not being whiney, sleep really is quite foundational for feeling barely alright. I see it as a minimum of mental health and it's important to address it.

I struggle a lot with nightmares and the only thing that seems to have an effect on it are sedatives or alcohol. The less I take it the more I have nightmares, and before benzos I was having them every single night or almost. It's really something I would like to get rid of, the nightmares and the benzodiazepines. Hopefully I don't drink myself out to block them.

Perhaps you can try something that is designed to have better sleep or reducing the anxiety that aren't sedatives. Some people find melatonin (over the counter) and CBT help. I'm trying melatonin and it seems to have some effect in falling asleep, but it isn't maintained throughout the night. But I guess everyone has their own response.