Post appointment crash - Anyone found a way to mitigate it?



Today I had my second appointment with my new therapist.

I’ve been in CBT therapy before and this one is a different approach.

My question is. Has anyone found a way to mitigate the post session crash? I am as weak as overcooked spaghetti and I was starving so I ate then called out of work and came home to bed.

It’s not always easy to get an afternoon appointment but these morning ones leave me exhausted to the point of passing out where ever I happen to be for the rest of the day. Last one I went to work and kept falling asleep at my desk.


It's so hard to do 'normal' after a session.
My appointment is at 4.30pm on Thursday's, so I don't need to navigate work after. Working on Fridays is hard as my mind is still digesting and I can be very fragile.

What helps is:
I used to try and limit meetings on a Friday so that I could avoid speaking to people. But now I think speaking to people helps. So is there something in work that you can organise afterwards that might help?
Can you arrange for appointments that mean you don't have to work immediately after?
Grounding techniques?
I write my session down in my diary. That helps to put it out there and start to process it.
Remembering you're ok. And the feeling will pass.
Scheduling in something that you love?


Scheduling in something that you love?
Thanks for the great feed back.
I generally try to book in for 2 pm Thursday’s and just take the afternoon off. I like to go to the pool after and do laps then sit on the hot tub to help relax tense muscles.

Right now she is only doing 24 hour bookings so you call 8 am the day before and cross your fingers you can get in. I am so happy she is going to advanced booking at the end of the month so I am able book ahead and get the same time slot every week.


i sandwich all of my sessions between self-treats. nice meals in my favorite eateries are my most preferred, but country drives and picnics are nice, too. maybe a movie. whatever. the relaxing reflection time helps me process, whether it was an easy session or a mind-ripper.