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Prayer Requests


This is just a place to ask for prayers. You can mention the request specifically or just list it as an unspoken request if it is too personal. God listens, God loves us, God wants to help, He cares. Talk to Him... and others will help by praying too.

I was taught by my Bible Study teacher that God has three answers to prayer: Yes, No and Wait. That last one, I think, is the hardest to deal with.
I had a mammogram last week, now they want me to come in for a sonagram... been through this a few times, the biopsies always come out beniegn, but since I do have some distant relatives that died of breast cancer, it is traumatic to get such news. I am praying, but to have other voices join me would be comforting. Thanks.
Me too Shelia (I'll stand in prayer agreement with you and Safenow). I think this thread is a great idea.

Please pray for our friend and neighbor Frankie who is having a second surgery on a shattered ankle. Most of the first surgical intervention didn't work and they will be fusing the bones together in his shattered ankle, removing the screws, and installing a rod that goes from ankle to about 5 inches below the knee. Also that his disability goes through. He has been almost completely without income for over 7 months and has no wife or family to assist him. I'm planning on making him some meals and checking on him, the surgery is tomorrow and he is expected to be released by Friday.
I have a dentist appointment tomorrow (Wednesday at 10 AM Estern Standard Time). Pray for me please, as I have 10 cavities and no extra $$$ whatsoever. I can only afford to get one done at a time and pay for them in two months, half each month. My pastor said that he might be able to find someone to help me pay for it all at church, so I am getting a Projected Treatment Plan, so they can look at it...
My PTSD Medical Assistance Dog (Service Dog) was bleeding today when she went poop. I have an appointment for her at 2PM EST at the Vet, so please pray for us, that the Vet can find out what is wrong and also for her healing. Pray as well for me, please, as my nerves are frazzled, as you well might imagine. Also, I am just a poor widow and live on barely more than a $1,000 dollars per month. They said that the minimum the bill could be would be $57.00, but it could go far more than that, unless the Vet, who goes to my church, is feeling charitable! Lord that he only could be. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.
The vet said he thought my dog needed some mild sulfa liquid antibiotic, so we have to give her 4 ounces per day, once a day. He said he didn't see any signs of parisites [sp?] and that was about it. He under-charged us so that was bearable. At least I will have some money for food for me. She has food, thankfully, but she has to go onto a chicken and white rice diet for a few days, he said also. I have some cans of chicken, so I guess she will be eating them, as I cannnot fuss with the bones and all, to give her bone free meat, especially since he wanted me to take it off the bones before I cook it. I never touch raw meat! Too risky when one has Lyme Disease, which weakens the immune system. So, canned chicken it is! Thanks for the prayers, anyone who is praying. Keep 'em coming!