Prayer Requests

@Sideways - not sure what you mean. I saw the OP post. Terms like God and prayer can be loaded terms to some with specific meanings for them. Eg it could be Christianity. Some people keep a wide berth from anything they think has anything to do with Christianity.
I’m just expressing the hope all thinking of prayers in any form pop in.
Terms like God and prayer can be loaded terms to some with specific meanings for them.
Then that is an issue for them individually. The OP's intentions for this thread are clear.

This particular thread is set aside for prayer requests in the spirit of the Christian faith, and anyone who is uncomfortable with that is welcome to post elsewhere on the forum.

To prevent derailing the thread any further, if you have any questions about this, you're very welcome to chat with us about it via Contact Us.
I’m sending you a special prayer that all things go well for you in whatever way that is. Even when you haven’t asked because you deserve it!
This meant so much to read, thank you! I really liked where you said “in whatever way that is”. I’ve been blessed to be getting a glimpse of how puzzle pieces are coming together and God is answering the deepest desires of my heart in ways I would never have expected them to come about.

I hope you have been well! I’m sorry I don’t always log on here regularly. I didn’t want you to think I’d ignored your message. I really enjoy reading your insights. You seem like a very introspective person. ❤️

I pray today we can keep challenging thoughts and expel untruths and grab hold and see the truth!
I love this! Thank you for offering this prayer!

Praying in general for all of us struggling. I had what felt like an hour long panic attack yesterday. Prayers please. Also for more answers from doctor. It's not that he doesn't have them it's probably more my impatience. Thanks everyone and God bless
Please pray I hear back soon from the state about different disability services. My current arrangement isn't working out too well.
@Defaultxlovee and @8888 praying for you both right now
I have a prayer request for anyone reading this. I ask for forgiveness and healing over someone I hurt because of my own cptsd issues. I ask she’ll find happiness and if possible maybe I’ll hear from her again someday.

Also I’m being bullied by my neighbors, it just never ends. Living in a small town with ptsd is very triggering.
@Scottbraveheart I relate a lot to the many kinds of feelings that come up when we hurt someone we care about. It’s hard enough healing from the past and managing our trauma reactions, but then add in other effects like cognitive distortions, attachment and relational struggles that make our day-to-day life hard in the present. I think it’s a really beautiful prayer and request for forgiveness, and I’m praying for both of you.

I’m really sorry to hear about the bullying situation. :( I definitely understand how certain environments can be really triggering, and sometimes we can’t even always know what all our triggers might be. Take good care of yourself. I think self-care is super important when our environment isn’t comfortable.