Primal Therapy


Also called Regressive Therapy. Also called Deep Feeling Therapy. Here is a long list of books related to the field. What drew me to it is the connection with infancy.

My primary trauma is sexual abuse by my parent before the age of 3. I lived with him for four decades before realizing what had happened.

I’ve been in therapy four years. I’m finally able to stay present during grief in session for a few minutes.

I realize that the emotions coming out can only happen if I don’t judge or block them. And when I say I can do it for a few minutes that is because the judgement and blocking closes in.

I’m curious about Primal Therapy because it amazes me that someone could feel that much in the presence of another for such a long time and not be completely unstable when leaving. I wonder if it has to be in a kind of intensive (oh yeah; they use that term) and there will be some people who can’t handle it. Some people can’t handle other kinds of therapies either.

I am aware that Primal Therapy is controversial and has led to really bad things happening to children and adults. I’m not letting that put me off because lots of therapies and medical procedures hurt people. I’m curious about the times where people said it did help them, and how significant it was.

I’m interested in personal stories, anecdotes, research, and opinions.