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Propranolol - Have Any Of You Heard Of This Medication?

Discussion in 'Medications & Substances' started by wildcritter44, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. wildcritter44

    wildcritter44 Active Member

    Was reading an article about this medication. It is being tested for persons with PTSD. It is suppose to lessen the symptoms. They said it is like "turning down the volume" of the memory.

    Any way just checking to see if any one any where has heard of it... Negative or positive... or zip...

    web cite I read was: http://health.msn.com
    Article: When Memories Are Scars

    Thank you for reading this and any replies I may receive.

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  3. willing

    willing Active Member

    Type it into wikipedia.com that is helpful too.
  4. HereIam

    HereIam New Member

    I'm actually taking this right now, since my last major anxiety outbreak. Since I'm not a candidate (substance abuse issues) for many of the other anti-anxiety meds this works the best in reducing, rather quickly the intensity of my anxiety. I don't really think it reduces the memories and it doesn't take them away. It just makes my response to them not as extreme.

    I originally took it several years ago as a migraine preventative and noticed how much better my physical anxiety symptoms were. So this time I read about its affectiveness with PTSD on the web and specifically asked for it. I don't see it as a long-term medication in my case either. For a long time I was able to handle my anxiety through non-medication avenues and once we move through some stuff in therapy I'm sure I'll stop taking it.
  5. mouse

    mouse Well-Known Member

    Its a drug designed initialy as a beta blocker for the heartlike high blood pressure, I hear that it works very well for new trauma but not for old traumas, hope that helps --also there is an thing about Anthony wrote in the Meds section I believe, I don't believe he is a fan. Good luck
  6. Lisa

    Lisa Well-Known Member

    I was taking this until last week. It reduced my anxiety, but I had to come off it because of suspected side effects. It was helpful, but I am not sure how it is supposed to "turn down the volume" on memory as such - though I will say that whilst I was still physically reacting to memories and that was upping my anxiety and stress and distress, it wasn't AS extreme as before I was on the medication and that helped. It simply lowers heart rate.

    Hope this helps,

  7. pandora

    pandora I'm a VIP

    i was put on atenolol, which is like propanolol, they are beta blockers and they do slow down your heart rate. I was put on it to lessen my shaking and it worked wonderfully. Now that things are calmer I do not take it anymore. I find that if I have to go into a very stressful situation I will still take a dose and it helps.
  8. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    There is lots of information on this already here, being:

    Last edited: Apr 21, 2015
  9. wildcritter44

    wildcritter44 Active Member

    Thank you for all of your responses and referrals they are all very much appreciated.

    Take Care

  10. BassistKara

    BassistKara Active Member

    I just started taking this a week ago for tremors and jerking and twitching...the only thing its done for me anxiety wise is stop my heart palpitations, im still having anxiety attacks, and it actually feels like my PTSD is getting worse....I also may have to stop it as it isnt working for tremors, jerking & twitching, and also its aggravating my athsma!
  11. Cate

    Cate Active Member

    Propanolol - Anyone Else Taking It and Any Better Ideas?

    The only medication I use to help me with the PTSD symptoms is Propanolol. With PTSD I can experience shakiness, hyperventilation, stuttering, etc., and I find that Propanolol does help with these physical aspects of PTSD.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has tried Propanolol (it does work) and if they've found anything better. I'm not looking for a tranquilizer or anything mood altering, just something that will control the panic.

    Like I said, so far Propanolol is the only and best thing I've tried but if anyone has a better idea I'm open to it.

    Cate :wall:
  12. tude

    tude Well-Known Member

    I've been on it for about a year? It isn't a cure, but it has helped. It takes the edge off the increased physiological arousal. For me this means making the anxiety of stressful situations, such as work, easier to deal with. It also made it easier to sit still while talking about work with my therapist. I might also mention it decreases sexual arousal as well. Until I realized this, I thought there was something seriously wrong... worse than PTSD.
  13. Anton

    Anton Member

    I use a sort-of similar beta-blocker to prevent stressrelated angina symptoms. It obviously helps me a little to deal with PTSD as well. I notice absolutely no side effects.

    The best part is that it's not psychoactive. I do not get drowsy, slow, stupid or turn into a smiling non-entity, all of which would be a good reason for me to refuse it.
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