Proud of myself 22 years ago


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Proud of myself 22 years ago,finally came out about something to my mom about me.I came out as transgender know I felt inside I was really feminine in my teens.Mom saw I was in the closet about something in my life since my teens.Mom said she was concerned and said I couldn't stay in the closet about it for a long time.I was 20 at the time and knew she was right.Finally looked at her coming out as transgender and plans on living a new life as a tgirl.She looked at me and said she still loves me,will accept this 100%.Finally one day,she said goodbye to my old life and met up with a group of tgirls that helped me out.A total makeover of me as my true self,I felt great seeing me as Kimber for the first time in the mirror saying I love it.Facing mom,she took it well and called me Kimber for the first time.Said she would rather have a much happier daughter instead of an unhappy son.To this day she loves me as a daughter and sees I have a much happier life as Kimber now.


That's beautiful. It sounds like you have a lot of strength, as well as a very supportive mom who loves you for who you are.