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Psycho Education?

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Hi, I've got an appointment with my care coordinator soon, and she mentioned about starting psycho education, to help manage and learn new coping strategies with my PTSD, has anyone else had this and if so what did you make of it? I'm quite nervous to start it as I had a bad experience with this care service in the past year (basically there was no communication, basic duty of care didn't happen etc)
Psychoeducation is just any and all information imparted to a person relating to their psychological issues. So it sounds like they are going to teach you coping strategies, which should probably be pretty useful and informative.
i'll add my voice to @somerandomguy. by my personal awareness, this very post and the responses is psychoeducation, as is every book or article i read, every video i watch and every therapy appointment and support group meeting i attend. it's a BIG subject with lots to learn.
SNL Jeopardy

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There’s about 2 dozen ways to shorten psychEd, I’m sorry that in your area it sounds like you’re going to get familiar with clown masks & chainsaws.
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