Can anyone relate to having experiences of depression psychosomatic?

I feel so tense in my muscles and pain in ears and sometimes with headache or constipation but not all the time - the last two I can prevent if I notice the first two.
But the kicker is I prefer these physical symptoms to having psychological reaction. I find recognizing these physical ailments gives me a relief and I can then work backwards to see what is going on emotionally or if I am being triggered?

Not sure if this even makes sense or I am making shi### up here but just wondering if others experience this way or most prefer having psychological depression without physical manifestation?
I think if I do not get the physical sensations, I may not recognize the psychological changes until it is too losing concentration and having full blown anxiety.

Just wondering.


I am diagnosed with PTSD and GAD. I have chronic pain in my neck and shoulders due to chronic stress and have been told they are common symptoms related to my diagnoses. I have been in and out of physical therapy, and work with a chronic pain doctor as this has been this way for years and years. I also have bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching jaw) and TMJ syndrome as a result.

I have tension headaches, constipation, and diarrhea regularly.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for.

I have the physical and emotional symptoms in tandem and often together with one another and I personally would find it odd if I didn't have the physical symptoms and the psychological symptoms together. I can rarely "prevent" psychological symptoms by taking care of my physical symptoms because both for me are so intertwined.

I can use my coping strategies to help prevent my psychological or physical symptoms from worsening if I, for example, am suffering from a panic attack, but I generally always have anxiety, it's a spectrum.

I hope this helps?


Yes, it's a thing. Most definitely.
I felt so much psychosomatic pain that I was given opiates. I should say that I have so many past injuries and resulting surgeries that unexplained pain isn't outside the lines at all and my doctors are well aware that I suffer a lot of ongoing explainable pain anyway. After a particularly traumatic event a few years back I went through a summer of intense pain that just wouldn't let up. The opiates worked but surprisingly not that well, so....stronger meds. When the tolerance to those overwhelmed their ability to numb the pain, stronger meds again, right? Nope. Thats when my body threw a fit, and unleashed even more pain in a desire to satisfy the growing need for opiates. It hurt to blink. It hurt to breath. If I was aware of a bodily function, I felt pain associated with it.
I had a doctor explain this all to me, I think he saved me from going outside the lines to get the drugs I "needed" to overcome the very real levels of pain I was experiencing. He saved my life.
We ran all kinds of tests, found nothing new in the old injuries, nothing new in any other areas, talked about fibromyalgia, and decided to try cutting the opiates 100% to satisfy his hunch and within two weeks I was pretty much cleared of pain at the unbearable levels.
As a first responder I was aware of psychosomatic pain, and was trained to treat it as real pain, as if it wasn't real I guess. Now that I have experienced pain that can only be explained by the preceding heavy psychological trauma, I know that psychosomatic pain is REAL pain. And I know that we have the ability to inflict psychosomatic pain on ourselves if it satisfies a need, whether we are consciously aware of the need or not.
Yeah, it's a thing. Don't let anyone ever tell you "its all in your head" without thinking to yourself "Why does that even matter?" Pain is pain.
I hope you find relief no one should have to live with Real pain of any kind.