PTSD and Anxiety


Anxiety will randomly come to me at the most random times, I have no idea where it comes from either. If people asked me what am I so nervous aboout... I literally have no idea why. My body will just shake and I keep myself guarded. There's times where I sort of sit very close together and keep myself closed off from everything and everyone. People getting way too close to me, freaks me out and if people walk next to me, I need space. Feel like I am being boxed in and closed in and sometimes I feel like screaming, but I never do. I truly have to trust someone in order for them to sit next to me or get close to me. This is why I am so closed off to the world. Nothing is going on around the room, but I feel so anxious and nervous and scared. This is PTSD. My body reacts and on guard constantly. The minute anything happens or I feel threatened by it, I will run away or remove myself from that situation. If a person says anything that freaks me out, I will walk away. If the person does anything that reminds me of my abusive ex, I will walk away. My body is always on guard and it get so draining. Sometimes I will need to take naps during the day because of the anxiety. So lately I've been meditating, drinking relaxing tea and removing caffeine from my diet, which has been helping me a lot. Recently I bought myself a worry stone and I rub it when I need too. This is something else that helps me out too.


I’m that way. Medication has helped quite a bit, but it took awhile to find one and it still isn’t enough. Lately, I noticed that drowsy Dramamine is a game changer for me.


Sounds like you are finding great coping skills. Caffeine can exaggerated anxiety, so good call on that. The 'worry stone' is a good idea. Perhaps a next step would be to work on a mantra to repeat to yourself (either out loud or in your head, depending on where you are). My faith helps me a lot, but you could us mine as a pattern for your own: God is good. He is with me and for me. I will persevere, be at peace, worship His presence and praise God. The idea behind the mantra is reminding yourself with whatever phrases that calm you, that you are ok. Anxiety often happens in now safe places or situations, so we have to retrain our brains to recognize we are safe. Good luck with creating a mantra that works for you. Edit it as needed or as you find yourself needing different phrases in different areas of your life. Prayers for peace, strength and wisdom.