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Hello, everyone!

I am Tsvetina and I am an architecture student at Technical University in Vienna, Austria. I am currently writing my bachelor's seminar paper within the course "Healthcare Architecture Research". The topic I chose to investigate is "PTSD and architecture", namely which design elements of a therapy space can have an impact on people with PTSD and how can the use of such elements in architecture design aid the treatment of this condition. I created an online survey so I can learn more about your experiences. Your answers will help me develop my research.

The survey is anonymous, no personal data is collected. Participants are given information about the research on the first page of the survey and they are asked to provide consent to participate by clicking the “submit” button, in full knowledge of the information about the study. Sensitive topics are avoided, participants are not asked about their experiences with PTSD itself, but are asked about space and architecture and their relationship with space and architecture. The paper will not be published anywhere, it will only be used for grading within the course at TU Vienna.

If you are interested in participating or would like to find our more, please follow this link: PTSD and Architecture

Thank you for your interest and support! Take good care of yourselves!

Best wishes :)
Good to have someone producing a researched paper on this. There's nothing worse than the "hospital chic" that has become uniform for therapy offices - white walls, grey carpet. Bleh!
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