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Ptsd and violence

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A common myth relating to those who suffer PTSD is that they're violent. Such an assertion is far from accurate, and nothing more than a misguided assumption due to mental health stigmatization. Those who suffer PTSD pose an increased risk for violence, but are not violent due to PTSD. In fact, the majority of people who are diagnosed with PTSD have never had a violent episode.

Most research that studies PTSD with violence is conducted using US and UK veterans. Firstly, military training increases the risk for violence, followed with the fact that alcohol and drug use increases the risk for violence, and finally that age contributes significantly.

Many veterans self medicate with alcohol or drugs to mitigate psychological and / or physical pain. When alcohol and drug use are controlled, results demonstrate that those PTSD veterans were no longer an increased risk for violence.

Comorbid diagnoses increase the risk of violence. The more diagnoses a person has, the greater escalation for possible violence.

The National Comorbidity Survey of the US general population showed a prevalence of violence at 32.7% among men between the ages of 25-34, but only 1.3% among men aged 35-44. The average age of veteran participants in studies is often early 30's.

If you're interested in cited facts on PTSD and violence, read the US DVA research finding on PTSD and Violence.
Great article. I may need to start a thread on this. I found after talking to a friend and then asking several other close friends that most of them think if you have PTSD you are violent. My old boss told me people were afraid of me which was mind boggling if you know. I’m looking for an article I can show my friends and family the low percentage of violence in people with PTSD. Thanks @anthony
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