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Sufferer PTSD, Anxiety, & Depression - Arrested & Started Treatment

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I’m Allison I have PTSD anxiety and depression! I was arrested because of domestic violence but I was provoked! I got out and started treatment right away. I’m still trying to accept the fact I have this! It’s very hard!
Welcome Allison. Glad you came here. You do have the power to control your anger.......rage is awful but it's part of the process. I've been coming to this forum 3 years now. I've heard many opinions, and I take what I like and leave the rest. You can expect people will give you feedback....and share their experiences of PTSD and strategies they used for change-and to gain personal control. I've been diagnosed 3 years, now and getting rid of drama, refusing to participating in any drama, refusing to be baited, to start drama, or be manipulated (a big one), and ignoring communication from all dysfunctional people.....my first step towards self-control. Stepping away from the dysfunction......while making new safe and healthy boundaries for those you do have to come into contact with......really can help reduce stress and reduce drama, and all that goes with it. Good luck, and again, welcome.
Welcome Allison. There are so many answers here! I was diagnosed 11 years ago and used to frequent this site. Oddly, even after my onset, anger was not a big part of my life but I am quickly developing something that looks an awful lot like intermittent explosive disorder. I have been dealing with it for over a year. Trying my best to control it and search the Internet for answers and tried some tips but nothing works. It wasn’t until it dawned on me to connect it with my PTSD. I have no doubt I will gain some insight here as I have in the past with other matters.
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