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Death PTSD, BPD and Grief

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I am dealing with grief from losing my Mom to COPD due to her incessant smoking. She died just over a year ago. I recently had an anniversary of my BEST friend who passed away to possible accidental death/suicide. I was diagnosed with (traits of) BPD, PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Depression. This grief has hit me hard. I am starting to come out of it but still have sporadic crying - although much less intense and NOT as long lasting. My BF thinks I should JUST GET OVER IT!!! He only thinks of himself in MOST situations. The ONE person I could/should be able to go to for comfort and security is NOTHING BUT A F$#KING DISAPPOINTMENT EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!!! I have learned I can't trust others with intimate info AT ALL. He has now MADE IT STICK!!! No caring. No compassion. Just him saying all the UNFORGIVABLE things like, "get over it!" "Ur just not letting go because U WANT TO BE THIS WAY!!!" I get threatened to be homeless IF I dare have an opinion about ANYTHING!!!
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