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Hello, cancer survivor with ptsd. I'm looking for someone with a similar experience: one year chemio, 2 long surgery and nearly dead before discovering the disease.


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Hi! I've got diagnosed after my cancer, and I'm definitely sure that all my PTSD symptoms come from my cancer experience and also the social consequences that a cancer bring in your life, with family, friends and relationships. The thing I'm most struggling now, except for of course the panick attacks and the constant fear of dying, sinking really easily in all the bad memories, is the social anxiety. I've kind of forgot how is to have a normal life. I'm also starting with my therapist EMDR. Have someone of you tried? It's been two weeks, and I'm emotionally and mostly physically really in a bad place. I don't know if I should keep trying or just leave it.


I haven't tried EMDR but I've heard many people are successful with it. I also heard it gets worse before it gets better so don't give up. This is true for most therapy.


@Scarbo00 Many cancer centers have therapists and groups that work with cancer patients, in dealing with the trauma and strain on relationships a cancer diagnosis brings. For myself, I found the group really helpful and there were a lot of other classes and seminars that addressed living and health post treatment. May be something else you could find helpful.