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PTSD/Chronic Pain Connection?

Discussion in 'General' started by txmomof3, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. txmomof3

    txmomof3 Active Member

    I have a condition called RSD/CRPS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystropy/Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) in my right foot, ankle, and leg from an ankle fracture with 2 subsquent surgeries. Basically, my right foot, ankle, and leg are constantly very painful and extremely sensitive to touch and cold. I was the lucky 1 in 500 patients with my type of injury to get RSD.

    Here's the thing...the dissociation from my PTSD has served my well with my chronic pain. Dissociating from the physical pain is even easier than dissociating from the emotional pain. So, if there is a connection between PTSD and chronic pain am I physically functioning better because of my dissociation...and will that positive side effect go away as my PTSD gets better?
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  3. She Cat

    She Cat Policy Enforcement Banned Premium Member Sponsor $100+

    Hi Tx,

    You may want to check out the information section, there is info on dealing with pain in it.

    I was first Dx'ed with PTSD and then Fibromyalgia, and Myofascial pain syndrome. So pain is nothing new to me either.

    I hear that RSD is awful....Sorry that you are dealing with that.
  4. txmomof3

    txmomof3 Active Member

    Thanks for the reply! I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with Fibro and Myofascial pain syndrome. Chronic pain just plain sucks.

    I have checked out the section on this board and it is filled with great information. I guess I am just looking for some personal experiences. I am hoping that I will be able to hang on to dissociating from physical pain while not dissociating from emotional pain.
  5. hollyberry

    hollyberry Active Member

    sorry I can't help with physical pain......wishing I could learn how to dissociated from this emotional pain(not really) I really am trying to do this the healthy way and don't think that would be healthy. But just wanted to at least let you know I am here. I know everyone is in there on space but you are all I have right now as far as friends who will listen(I know we aren't all really friends but you all I have right now. Trying so hard not to stress my hubby and kids out and people I work with. And I won't be calling mom for a long time seeings how she is soooo clueless. We live in Delaware and rest of family is in Maine.
  6. logan

    logan Guest

    hi tx mom of3
    i had a bad accident a few years ago crushed my ankle but they able to rebuild it
    a long story short i have to deal with chronic pain if walk to much or don't it's taken a hell of toll but i'v gotten through it's set me back alot this year after the sixth operation
    they had to fuse my ankle which didn't take the reason for fusing was i didn't have any
    articular carilage [joint lubicate] but through all off this i learnt eat at regual times and well and i found it cut down on some of the pain sound silly but when i don't do it my and family see the changes
  7. Linda

    Linda Well-Known Member

    Hi Intxmomof3,
    Sorry for you dealing with this condition. I had a friend with RSD, and it was making her life hard, as neither MDs nor alternative medicine could help much.
    From what I know, permanent stress can increase or even cause chronic pains. I myself have sciatica, back pain, and intermitten stomach pain of unknown origin.
    What my thought is that pain may be reduced or even forgotten from some strong emotional feelings. The simplest example, if you have something like a mild toothache, if you concentrating on it, it will feel worse. But if you try to pay attention to something else, it may feel easier. So maybe your emotions partially take your attention from pain, or if you dissosiate from what is around you also less connected with it.
    Hope you feel better,
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