PTSD from my therapist

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I saw a therapist for anorexia. I was admitted to the hospital for a low heart rate and she told me she would help me meet boys even tho I never mention I wanted to do that and didn’t want to.

She asked me when I went to the gym and a couple weeks later a guy showed up and started hitting on me. I talked to him because my therapist was encouraging it.

The guy moved way too fast and I told my therapist I didn’t like it so she showed me sexual images online and said she hoped porn wouldn’t pop up.

He ended up doing things to me and I got ptsd of the past and ran away from home and stayed at his house and he told me his mom worked in the mental health field too and he knew who my therapists name was and then I passed out after one sip of a drink and he assaulted me.

Things got super messy with this and I got mad and told the doctor that worked with the therapist that I had been hurt. They told me legal was looking at the therapist but then I went to school and had sex with a guy and thought my teacher got him to do it as a trauma response and I was high on a stimulant after what happened with my therapist. The doctor kept giving me more stimulants and upping the dose even tho she knew I was not stable just so I would come back.

Any thought on this?
Not open for further replies.