PTSD mental evaluation for disability application


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I have already been diagnosed with PTSD and I have other serious health problems that prevent me from being able to earn/provide for my family. I am embarrassed to say, but I am seeking disability. The Feds have arranged for a doctor to give me a "mental evaluation" and I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. Looking for what to expect and any "to do / not to do" advice.



I've been through the process several times, finally got awarded disability this year. Fairly certain it was for mental issues, although I have a bunch of physical too. My advice is, if you actually WANT to get disability, don't mask your symptoms. Tell the doc exactly what its like on your worst days. I went in with a list of diagnoses, symptoms, triggers, and how it all affected my ability to work/maintain relationships/live my life. I did NOT gloss over the suicidality, although I was careful to word it in ways I wouldn't get immediately hospitalized for it. Don't mask symptoms you may be experiencing in the moment. Tell the truth, but don't gloss over anything. That's my advice. Good luck!


I’ve never been able to apply for disability… as it requires far too many appointments and submitted papers. One of those, if I’m well enough to apply? I’m well enough not to need it. But I tend to flip really hard and fast from high functioning to non-functioning. Unless I have a lawyer on retainer, to contract with a disability attorney for me? I can’t even manage to apply by proxy. So my knowledge is purely 2nd hand from being around people who are applying.

In the US (different rules in CA, AU, & UK) most disability applications are rejected, out of hand, and have to be appealed… so most disability attorneys won’t even take your case -unless you have money to burn- if you haven’t applied & been rejected, yet. But those attorneys can ALSO, for a nominal fee (nominal in legal-land is still a few hundred dollars min), walk you through the paperwork so that their appeal is easier/faster. As well as give you timelines for your local area (some are 2+ years, some are within weeks), budgets, and refer you to the best doctors, caseworkers, etc.

I really cannot underline how helpful/useful having an attorney is when dealing with govt. organisations. Especially understaffed, overloaded, underfunded, NEXT! type orgs like Disability.


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Thank you all so much for taking the time to read and respond to my inquiry. @Eagle3 , great idea on having a prepared list....I'm certain my dumb A$$ would have gone in there "naked", lose the ability to concentrate, and leave having no idea what I said. Thanks again!!