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PTSD Mimicking Concussion / Brain Injury

Discussion in 'News, Politics & Debates' started by carpediem2006, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. carpediem2006

    carpediem2006 Active Member

    Hi All

    Many of us have suffered a blow, or multiple blows to the head, or been near explosions which form part of the diagnosis of PTSD...however, it may also be that a concussion/mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury) is present, also often referred to as post concussion syndrome. Apart from memory and performance issues, it is also often associated with inappropriate outbursts (that's called 'anger' for those outside medecine :) and inappropriate behaviour, lack of moral judgement. It can also often not be seen in a CT, EEG or MRI.

    Here is a news story about about returning Iraq veterans...the paragraph of main interest was...

    "The blast sent a powerful shock wave through his brain tissue, bursting blood vessels and smacking his brain against the inside of his skull."

    "I thought I was a mess-up, just damn near dumb," Reyes, 22, said about the mysterious fogginess that plagued him long after his physical wounds healed. "I thought I was just a failure at this. I was recognized before as being the best. I knew my stuff real well. It made me feel like I wasn't a Marine no more."

    "Doctors say traumatic brain injuries are the signature wound of the Iraq war, a byproduct of improved armor that allows troops to survive once-deadly attacks but does not fully protect against roadside explosives and suicide bombers."

    "The injury, a loss of brain tissue, shares some symptoms with post-traumatic stress disorder, which is triggered by extreme anxiety and permanently resets the brain's fight-or-flight mechanism."

    "The most devastating effects of traumatic brain injuries - depression, agitation and social withdrawal - are difficult to treat with medications, said Dr. Rohit Das, a Boston Medical Center neurologist who treats injured troops at the VA Boston Healthcare System."

    For the full article refer to:

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  3. cdunny

    cdunny Active Member

    Yeah my husband was diagnosed with both when he got back. Currently seeking disability. I sure hope he gets it.
  4. cookie

    cookie I'm a VIP

    barefoot trek for ptsd awareness

    this was in our paper this morning. a man (forgot his name, i'll look it up if anyone wants to know) is walking the Appalachain Trail (part of which goes through here) barefooted to raise awareness of ptsd in soldiers. he stated that he was a marine durning the 70's and so many of his peers were serving in vietnam and were afflicted with ptsd, that he felt guilty being able to stay in the states. i don't know about the barefoot part being a good association with ptsd, but i guess his heart is in the right place. he just came through Harper's Ferry yesterday, and stopped long enough for an interview. he started in New York state and will stop in Georgia, hopefully before it gets too cold! just thought it was interesting.
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