Ptsd only affects military?

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This is pretty normal… sorry you had to endure it. The system is so overloaded, and even so dumb and even corrupt, that they throw meds and hope they stick. Then try and deal with the left overs… but the problem is, the new cases don’t stop and the left overs become forgotten, problematic, and frustrations. Rinse and repeat.

I don’t know what the solution is, but surely there has to be one, and it not include tossing meds around hoping they stick, hoping the problem (person) goes away for them.

Maybe stop sending all soldiers to war for 10 years… that may be a good, simple starting place.

Get the problem they have under control before continuing the issue.


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I agree. Also, Military PTSD is quite different than other forms of PTSD related trauma. Someone in a fire, as opposed to a soldier who sees his buddy explode in his face. Two different things for sure.
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