Relationship PTSD Sufferer and Six Months of Space


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It seems to be a trend for PTSD sufferers to need 6 months of space and then come back together to see where we are both at. I was just given the message today. What is the likelihood that I will hear from her before that or that I will hear from her ever. Is 6 months just enough time for me to get on with my life. I am confused.

Has anyone experienced this and what was the outcome. Thank you.


Hi there.

She told you she needs 6 months away from you? What do you need? Your needs are just as important as hers.

Is this a friend or a romantic relationship?

I wouldn't be able to handle 6 months away from my guy. If that is what he needed I would probably move on. You cant grow as a couple if you're spending half the year apart.

It is very common for sufferers to need space. But I think it is rare for them to put an exact time on it. Has she done this before?

My guess is dating others is off the table too?? Six months is a long time and things can change a lot in that amount of time.

Is this something you both agreed to? How do you feel about it?


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I would prefer talking before then but she said she needs to be healthy and will be working with her therapist. She said she understood if I moved on. I have dated her for 6 months so essentially she is asking for the same amount of time away from me. She is in the driver's seat for sure. I want to give her what she needs to recover or heal so I will definitely give her that space, but I do plan on moving on and not going to wait around. If in six months we both are in spaces to be together, great. I am sad and am trying to feel my loss but also want to understand it a bit more.

I am only agreeing to it because I am not forcing anything. That wouldn't' help anything and would eventually hurt both of us.


It took a lot of courage to open up with you and it is even more courageous for her to start therapy.

There is an awesome thread here that @Freida started called "What are they thinking?" She's a survivor and started the thread to share her experiences with us supporters. I'll tag you in it. It's an awesome glimpse into PTSD relationships.



Ditto with @LuckiLee

Six months of space isn’t a relationship. It doesn’t make you a good person to wait, and a bad person if you don’t. It’s not romantic to wait, especially if you’ve only been dating six months total. I’m glad you realize that. She may not be healthy enough for a relationship even after six months. I would really REALLY consider that when/if she touches base again. Do you want this six months of space thing to be a regular occurrence in your life?

Relationships work two ways. It’s not all about her. You have needs too.


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Hey Marcus, check out my post history for the one that says ****long post**** my ex asked for 2-3 years of space and no contact. Its been incredibly difficult because she ultimately removed me from her life in the span of 2 weeks.

But yah check it out.