PTSD vs C-PTSD symptoms



I'm not sure whether I'm posting this in the right section or not, but I have a question regarding the differences between PTSD and C-PTSD symptoms. While I realize their origins are different, there does seem to be some overlapping symptoms. I was hoping someone could help explain it a little more. Thank you in advance!


A person has to meet the criterion for PTSD, first, in order to have CPTSD. And then has to also meet all the criterion for CPTSD.

So, most basically? Think of CPTSD as PTSD+

Which means that there actually must be symptom overlap, because a person has to qualify to have PTSD before they can qualify for CPTSD.

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While I realize their origins are different,
Actually, the origins CAN be exactly the same. Because just like people experience trauma without developing PTSD? People experience prolonged & complex trauma without developing CPTSD. It’s just one possible diagnosis of many.

- Many many many other diagnoses

Complex Trauma
- Many many many other diagnoses