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Pushing My Buttons - Car Broken Into

Discussion in 'General' started by Tiana, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Tiana

    Tiana Member

    I am so fckin sick of this... my husband had to leave his van at work because of a motor malfunction; it's been there a week. All locked up tight. Some fcker broke in this 1988 POS van and stole his bike. And now he refuses to call the cops. AGAIN. Peopl have broken into our cars here where I live, I called once when the door was left open, and 2 cops came out just to stare at me and go hmmphhh. So my husband thinks, no, I'm not gonna call the cops because it will prove everybody right, that he should have just towed the van a week ago. So for him to save face, once again, no f'ing cops... no now it's his fault, I'm not allowed to get mad, he has the corner on mad. No NO NO!!!! I'm so f'ing pissed off I would take a taxi out the and call the cops myself. Not once in my life am I afforded justice. we lived a nomadic life growing up, living in the ghettos, fighting hard to keep what's yours, and every time I got a bike, no matter what, it was stolen. When does the system work for me? Why, why am I always denied my "certain inaliable rights", whe do I get to be counted as an equal, ever in life? When do my words count? When will people take me seriously? When do I get to be credible?
    I'm sorry, this degraded into something else, i'm sorry
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