Putting A Face To A Name

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Oh my Happy Dance. Very brave indeed. And might I say I see the beauty of your soul in your eyes. Totally awesome. HUGS. We are with you anni. I'm forming a protective barrier around each of us by linking our hands together. We all are brave people to even choose this journey and try to trust again. Pat on the backs for all of us.
Oh my. I have to say I seriously freaked right the heck OUT posting that. Whoa. I actually did not realize how very much of the whole stalker thing was left rattling around in there. It's kind of a LOT. Thanks MUCH for the encouragement- have to go work through what really is a trigger after all this time. Whew. Just for the PTSD record, after 20 years one is sick, weak, pounding POUNDING heart, dissasociating wildly, can't spell or think, and for some reason the head wished to revert back to the old eating disorder! It's a very good thing some clinical detatchment comes with these dissasociative episodes.

That was 3 years ago- with bangs artfully and carefully arranged to hide the signs of aging. :) It works! I'm also not at all beyond saying I will be shallow enough to indulge in botox one day. :) There are more current photos, but didn't realize every one has sunglasses, hats, tennis visors, husband's shoulder, grandbaby, etc. hiding my face. I don't really go out with something between me and the world, much less have a photo taken. The kids say they have some but I can't look at them much less ask for one. :)

I'm not thinking at all well, so stepping back now! :)
Anni- You're safe now. Noone here will let anyone hurt you here. Take care of you and know you are in my thoughts. That's the thing about trust. It is always painful because we never know what we are having faith in. I believe in you. Soft, gentle hugs if safe.
Well done Anni..... faces to names is reassuring as mentioned above I believe, hence why I just don't bother hiding who I am. No point really I figure.
I'll post this pic since I got a mask on, and I think it's funny. This was early May in Montreal before going out to see UFC 113! Havin' some fun in the hotel room =)

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U asked 4 it. :-)
That's hysterical! I have this LONG list of PTSD-avoided items I am determined to get through today. It's TOUGH and involves swearing. Logging on and seeing this was a big fat LOL to start the morning, has broken some of the tension, so thanks! :)
I guess I will sneak out of the shadows too. (The blond hair was an accidental mishap with hair color remover. My hair was black right before it was blond.)

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Nice to meet you Tiger Kitten. Wow... that is kind off like a Tiger you have in your hands their. What tha? Eek!
That actually is a tiger kitten in the picture. He was about 70 lbs at only a few months old. He was very polite and didn't take my arm off when he had my whole arm in his mouth. I did have teeth indents in my arms for a few hours afterward. Well worth it for the sheer exhilaration of the experience.
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