Putting in the work - Stabilization & Mindfog Clearing Up



Since last week I have studying my stabilazation course of CBT from my trauma therapy sessions and it seems, feels that I am only now processing, remembering and executing the material and excercices that I am reading and studying. Finally my mindfog is clearing up.

2.5 years of traumatherapy and counting.

Last chapter I studied today is about 'crooked thoughts' and how to Refute them with actual facts.

Confronting yet liberating.

Anybody with some feedback? Happy to hear it.



2.5 years of traumatherapy and counting.
More to the title - putting in the work. I truly believe in putting in the work behind the therapy.

If you are not working every day, all the time to be better and to improve your "everyday life" skills then it's sort of going to therapy and hoping you get better.

When I first started here someone said one of the objectives here isn't to "fix" your PTSD but to help manage it in your everyday life. I have truly found that here. Dealing with daily life now as compared when I first got here? Way way way different...... There's a long long list of stuff I have learned and my everyday is so much better than it was.

Applying what you learn to your life is the way to improve your life and live better with PTSD.

Good on you for putting in the work @BigLittle !!!


I sometimes apply what I'm saying to myself to someone I know well or a friend and imagine what i would say and think if they were saying the same thing about themselves... harder to justify...


going to therapy and hoping you get better
Yeah I feel this to my bones! I realise now that I have a decent T and we’re tackling this properly; that before I was doing this. Funnily enough it didn’t work. And I went back to spending 5 years out of therapy and shoving it all back down whilst still being symptomatic. I just got better as masking it.

This time around though; I’m not torturing myself in sessions thinking that would help all by itself. This time it’s about challenging those negative thoughts, the self put-downs. Actually being aware of myself and my thoughts all the time and challenging it.

@BigLittle im so happy for you that you’re feeling like you’re making progress. It does pay off in the end. I’m finding out now that it’s not a passive process.