Pyromaniac, bedbugs and tweakers - Oh My!


I am trying to find humor in the situation as my apt building is something I am leaving behind shortly. However, it is challenging as the chaos is escalating prior to the move. I am so trying not to go off and my T will hear unfortunately an earful.

My current residence has someone within the 160 units trying to burn up both the elevator plastic panels. Out of the units, 42% now has bedbugs (for which professionals are rolling in). My neighbor was doing his thing (coughs) and nearly set his unit on fire yesterday. The day before, he drilled into his apt door for over an hour to put a latch on the outside (so against regulations) as he couldn’t figure out how to work his key. Hmmmm

In the middle of this, I am packing to move, using the fire escape corridor of 28 half flights during fire alarms, missing my Service Dog (who is safely being watched by my family) and the neighborhood is escalating in crime due to the season. Plus a lot of the new place is in flux with government bottle necks.

None of the things may matter, if the bugs stay in the building, the pyro keeps failing, the crime is elsewhere and people do their thing without burning down what I have labored to pack. However, I am PTSD mode ‘A la carte’ trying to find humor within the incentives of moving forward while hoping I learn to control the only thing I really can...myself.

Thanks for listening: take care.