Question About Actions - PTSD Used As An Excuse

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Hi all,

I'm just really trying to understand PTSD as I am concerned about my Mother. Just a few questions...

- Are some actions over exagerated so a person can get out of doing something they dont want to do?
- Do you think that ptsd can make physical pain worse?


I know the ptsd causes increased phys. pain. ptsd can kill you. it has a profound effect on your body as well as your mind and your relationships.
i dont know you or your mom but my own experance with myself and my daughter, it hard but worth the effort to understand eachother. this is a hard road and noone can help your mom but her. you can talk to her and let her know how much you care. but until she is ready to get better all you can do is pray for her.
i will be praying for you both.


- Are some actions over exagerated so a person can get out of doing something they dont want to do?

That's a very good question. I'm a family member and my niece Evie is the person with PTSD. My husband and I have thought on occasion that Evie was being manipulative with some of her actions. Through trial and error we have found that sometimes we were correct but other times we were mistaken. The times we were mistaken have caused us much grief with her. So now we mostly try to give her the benefit of the doubt, and don't accuse her of anything. I think it's quite personal to the PTSD sufferer, the things they can control and can't, and depending on how far along they are in recovery, they may not be self-aware to the point that they know they are doing something wrong. Part of having PTSD is not knowing what your feelings are or why you behave in certain ways. They need to figure that out for themselves, in their own time frame, and not be judged by their families in the process.

Best thing you can do for your mum is communicate with her as much as you can, listen to her, and believe her if she tells you she's not able to do certain things. Most likely she is not exaggerating. The feelings of fear, panic and so on are very real. She's likely overwhelmed and that's her way of telling you.


Tx98, I do not know about your mom's situation, but have some suggestion about your first question.
Some people have mild phychological problems, but do blow them up in order to manipulate their family members. Some people have real problems and do not want to fight them, since they find their position of "poor ill person" very convinient. These are facts, and I had met such people.
However, sometimes it looks like the person is being manipulative, although he/she is really not, and his/her strange action are results of suffering.
To find the truth, you need to know this person pretty closely. I think you get make better conclusion, that anyone here, about your mom.
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